Friday, October 28, 2011

Private Message to TheLivingDinosaur of YouTube

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You know, better than I, how good is your work, how much detail you put into it and how well written are your scripts. My point in writing is this: as sardonic and contemptuous as you may sound to the people you "pwn," I experience, in your videos, the preciousness of reality, the awe of curiosity, the joy of learning and the fragility of what is true. I hear a large and passionate heart in you, and that, Sir, impresses me far more than your talent with graphics, your clever turn of a phrase and even the accuracy of your science (which I deeply respect, and hold in the highest esteem).

You cheer me. In a dark and often gruesome world of small, petty people who would gleefully see me dead, were they to know I'm not only Queer, but an atheist -- a rural back water where the new hotdog restaurant (to be fair: he is a gourmet cook, uses only Nathan's Kosher dogs and makes, from scratch, such gourmet condiments as wasabi mayonaise, ginger sauce and bleu cheese garnish -- a fact that always delights and surprises me, given my location and the fact that cows here outnumber people by hundreds to one) is the biggest talk of the town until the next clandestine affair or crack house is exposed. My days can be rather bleak, at times.

Watching your videos is very similar to some of the best sexual experiences of my life in this regard: they are opulent, thoroughly engrossing, so intense they make it difficult to keep up, challenge me to be my best and most open and most alert self, a total joy and extremely satisfying to a part of my mind that can rarely experience enough stimulation under my circumstances of harsh poverty, lack of transportation or many other options and the fact that the nearest university, museums and live performances are seventy-five miles away.

I have to watch each of your videos at least twice. My eyes want to play with the pretty pictures as my brain tries to struggle its way through new information and concepts. Frequently, my eyes win and my brain goes into a tangential revere about some particularly intriguing image. I experience a sensation of waking up and realizing I don't have a clue what you've just said. I have learned to stifle the impulse to replay the "lost" portion of your script and simply go along for the ride, relax and enjoy it. I can always re-watch the entire video again, until I grasp the finer points and nuances, at which time I find myself HAVING to pause the video, in order to accommodate frequent, very loud laughter.

So, that is what your work on YouTube means to me. When my email tells me there's a new video posted from TheLivingDinosaur, I prepare for it. I wait until I have uninterrupted time, when I'm not too tired and really turn it into an event. I watch on full screen. I never snack, clean my finger nails, check email or do any form of multi-tasking; I devote my entire attention to what you've produced.

Thank you.

Website for TheLivingDinosaur:
Video that inspired my note:
Holy Hallucinations 28
Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on Oct 25, 2011

My 'favorite' Youtube creationists at the PPSimmons channel have been at it again so, as per my vow, here is my response. Apologies for how long this video is. I'd initially thought it was going to be a short one, but it was only as I read PP's "sources" and did a little research I realized the magnitude of the shit-heap underlying this seemingly innocuous little piece of typical creationist propaganda. As it is there were a number of areas I would also have liked to gone into in more detail, including how Carl can feel that a change of 18 million years in a phylogeny is significant when he actually believes the world to be 6000 years old, and a deeper explanation of why science can only be as accurate as the data set it has to work with and why this means it is critical that it is able to modify hypotheses and theories in the light of new observations.

I have to say that putting together something this long has been very draining, so it's not something I'm planning to do again for a long, long time. Though, having said that, the record of creationist bullshittery seems to suggest that it is bound to happen again sometime (but hopefully not too soon).

PP's video amazingly still has comments enabled as of this upload, so it will be interesting to see how long it will be before they take down the comments section on this one. You can find this particular tele-visual turd here:

Tas Wanker's 'article' can be found here:

Jonathan Farti's 'article' can be found here:

Thanks to Lapkine77 for identifying the 'Guilt by Association' logical fallacy for me. Check out his channel at:

Also thanks to DiscoveringReligion for sending me the "bible brainwashing" graphic. If you don't know him, he makes SUPERB videos, and you really should check him out:

Intro by the one-and-only ONESPECIES (check him out too!):

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No. 55 in B flat major, (K 214).

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Shubin, N. H., Daeschler, E. B., and Jenkins, F. A. (2006). The pectoral fin of Tiktaalik roseae and the origin of the tetrapod limb. Nature 440:764-771.
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