Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guy shows his junk on The Weather Channel

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Field reporter Eric Fisher gets increasingly agitated as he tries to warn people of the dangers of Hurricane Irene and people start taunting him in droves. Keep an eye on the second guy in the red shorts for some junk action.




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this video has been AGE RESTRICTED??? WHY? His pecker's so small, you can barely SEE IT!

Best #Irene Sign Thus Far...... on Twitpic

Best #Irene Sign Thus Far...... on Twitpic

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Charlie Brooker on the American News Media. Funny

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From Charlie Brookers Newswipe.

This excerpt of newswipe was edited using trakAxPc Pro.

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Sam Harris- Game, Set, Match.

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Sam Harris makes a fantastic point! If physical damage to the brain can alter our perception of the world, why are there still people who believe that their perception is somehow separate from their physical body and will float away to somewhere else when they die?
I recently had a mormon missionary approach me with his religion and when I asked him this, he was utterly unable to respond.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'School Is A Prison!' - Dr Peter Gray Interviewed on Freedomain Radio

does your kid REALLY have ADHD and REALLY need drugs to "fit in?" MAYBE it's the SCHOOL that's sick, not the kid!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is why I don't trust "Anonymous"

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This is why I'm afraid of "Anonymous." We've done a piss-poor job, teaching the young generation about morality and ethics. Instead, we showed them materialism is self esteem, that electronics are companionship and that they get in the way of our success, with their "petty" demands for love, guidance, boundaries and protection.

I hear members of "Anonymous" address each other, and anybody else, with the worst epithets and hate speech, all the while talking about what's "just" or "fair." They speak of some sort of revolution, fueled by them. Yet, they release private information about individuals, even commuters on the BART system in San Francisco. They're heady with their power. They're arrogant, self righteous and willing to ruin people's lives, to get what they want. Right now, they claim to want social justice. But, given their means don't justify the ends, how long before they play their games simply for their own amusement, if not personal profit?

This film is brilliant. It begins as a comedy. This man lets himself be pushed, further and further, into his own humiliation and degradation. He lets himself be worn down until his only motivation for playing is his own survival, no matter who gets hurt, and for the reward he'll get if he finishes all 13 challenges. It's like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire:" if he quits, he won't get to keep any of the money he has won so far.

If this film were made by a US company, it would be high-grossing box office, if audience members could be convinced not to spoil the ending for others who haven't seen it.

Remember: "Anonymous" doesn't forget. And they don't forgive. Expect them.

Link to watch online: (English dubbed, not subbed)

Plot Summary for
13: Game of Death
(2006) More at IMDbPro »13 game sayawng (original title)

Pusit is having the worst day of his life. He just lost his job and is in serious debt. That is all about to change when he receives a mysterious phone call with a tempting offer. If he could complete 13 tasks, he will win 100 million Baht. Pusit agrees and the game begins. Written by Ploy P.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Jeremiah Wright Painting A Picture Of US Aggression

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Originally uploaded on April 8, 2008.

This video is protected as an instance of
***FAIR USE***
Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107

"Jeremiah Wright Painting A Picture Of US Aggression" remixes footage from various sources to visually engage Jeremiah Wright's contentious assertions from the pulpit.

The video is a composite of different clips taken out of context in order to critique the source material and individuals represented within that media. For a developed argument on the ethical foundations for doing this, please read the essay available here:

"Jeremiah Wright Painting A Picture Of US Aggression" is a Diran Lyons political remix artwork. It was one of such works discussed by artist/curator Jonathan McIntosh at Ars Electronica 2008:


how they sold us a President

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A new reality television show where candidates compete for American votes!

Presidential hopefuls must present their positions on major issues in front of our live studio audience then face hard-hitting critiques from our panel of judges. Viewers at home will delight in the spectacle as candidates are challenged in ways never before seen in mainstream media.

In this week's episode, only two weeks before the election, Senator Obama and Senator McCain have their feet held to the fire over shockingly similar positions on energy and foreign policy.

Who will be this season's champion and take home the grand prize? You'll have to watch and decide for yourself, then participate in the show by casting a vote* for your favorite performer on November 4th!

*Some restrictions may apply. In certain areas these include, but are not limited to, faulty electronic voting systems, racist voter laws and/or voter roll purges. See your local polling place for details.

This video is a satirical transformative work and constitutes a 'fair use' of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 & 4
2008 US Presidential Debates 1, 2 & 3 PBS, BBC, PBS
Road to the White House MSNBC
"The Politics of Dancing" sung by Re-Flex

It is an example of a Political Remix Video and was created by re-cutting and re-framing fragments of pop culture media to construct a new re-imagined narrative.

Remixed by Jonathan McIntosh
For widescreen and higher-res see:

Bicycle built for 7: human-powered schoolbus & obesity tool

Copenhagen Conference Bike

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San Francisco-based artist Eric Staller built a bike for 8 as an art piece. As part of his Urban UFO series, he wanted to take his art out of the gallery and into the streets. It got so much attention he decided to commercialize it as a bike for 7.

Staller named it a conference bike because it's where "the boardroom meets the gym". It's not a tandem, but instead all seven passengers sit in a circle. It steers like a car with Volkswagen steering.

So that even those who are cycling backward, or sideways, can contribute equally to the forward motion, everyone has pedals which are connected to a circular shaft (a universal joint) with a chain that goes to the rear wheels.

They're not cheap- about $13,000 each-, but Staller believes every village could have one. Some towns are using them as part of car-free city programs. In Germany, they're being used as a human-powered schoolbus. In Oregon, one school district uses it as a tool to fight obesity (Even those from Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" anti-obesity campaign has shown interest).

Original story here:



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remember the 70's

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my favourite project

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How to be a criminal

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Westboro Baptist Circus is planning to go to Norway, to "protest" at children's funerals.

Hate speech is illegal in Norway.

Westboro could go to jail.

A friend on Facebook hopes jail in Norway is some dismal gulag, like the Soviet Union. But it's not; you'll see, further down.

At which point, I said, I'm going to Norway to commit a crime.

And my friend, a journalist, who's very not criminal, is surfing for airline tickets to Norway.

So, I figured I'd better find her some information on how to be a criminal:


Is This the Luxury Prison the Norway Gunman Could Call Home?

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man accused in the bombing and shooting spree in the Oslo area that killed 76 people last week, could go to Norway’s Halden Fengsel prison, which is home to some of the country’s most vile criminals.
What does this prison look like? The Telegraph paints a picture:
“The jail is spread over 75 acres of woodland just outside Oslo and facilities include a sound studio, jogging trails and a two-bedroom house separate from the main facility where convicts can stay with their families during overnight visits.
Guards move around the prison unarmed and often play sports or eat meals with the men they are tasked with watching.”

The article goes on to point out that in this same prison rapists and murderers can partake in “kitchen laboratory” cooking classes, and can also always lounge in their state of the art cells with designer-style furniture and flat screen TVs.

Before possibly heading off to Camp Fengsel, the mass murdering Breivik is being held for at least the next eight weeks in complete isolation, unable to receive letters or visitors except his lawyer for the first four. While the prison system in Norway may seem a little harsh, Breivik is lucky to only have to face the Norwegian maximum prison sentence of 21 years.
“Speaking at the opening of the jail last year, governor Are Hoidal said: ‘In the Norwegian prison system, there’s a focus on human rights and respect.
We want to build them up, give them confidence through education and work and have them leave as better people.’”
The prison was built at a cost of $252million over ten years and was opened in April 2010 to house 248 inmates.

DIY Cigarette filter with arsnic

 I really hated to have to tell this guy, but copper contains arsenic.

There are many types of disposable filters on the market, but in this instructable I will show how to build one which is very cheap, reusable and you will let you to adjust how much you want to filter out from your cigarettes.


Step 1The materials

A copper pipe (you can buy at home depot)
A wax candle
Some tape used to cover the pipe and avoiding touching the pipe with your lips
Coffee Filter or Cotton Balls (I think cotton balls have more density so it will filter our more tar)

eBay: Asbestos Cigarette Filter

I was shopping online today for roll-your-own cigarette filters. I came across the following:

Asbestos Cigarette Filter

by: amianthus ( 935Feedback score is 500 to 999)  Top 5000 Reviewer
22 out of 33 people found this guide helpful.
Guide viewed: 14184 times Tags: asbestos | crocidolite | micronite | cigarette | kent cigarettes

The following images and information is linked to the Asbestos Oddities Found in the Home and on eBay guide. Additional Asbestos Oddities include: Sports Equipment Padding; Books and Pages; Home Hot Pads; Artificial Snow; Modeling Clay; Sad Irons; and Tokens, Tags and Poker Chips. Use the guide Asbestos Historical Products and Literature to help in your search.
Asbestos Cigarette Filters
The P. Lorillard Tobacco Company used crocidolite asbestos in the filters it used on KENT cigarettes from 1952 until 1956. Hollingsworth & Vose Co. made the 'Mictronite' filters that Lorillard used in the cigarettes. Between 1952-1956 Lorillard sold 13 billion Kent Micronite asbestos filtered cigarettes.
A 1950s medical journal rated Kent as one of the best cigarettes for removing harmful tar.
The packages above represent a typical Kent cigarette with the micronite filter package. The filter media is made of crimped layers of paper, typical filter fibers and crocidolite fibers.
Manufacturing cigarette filters using the 'dry' process; this involved mixing the crocidolite and other substances and depositing the mixture onto filter paper.
There is an excellent eBay seller that when listed has some the best Kent micronite filter displays accompanied with a very detailed explanation behind the micronite filter and its composition, see star-stuff. Also there have been many in-depth analysis of the Kent Cigarette one such research document is titled Crocidolite Asbestos Fibers in Smoke from Original Kent Cigarettes, by William E. Longo, Mark W. Rigler and John Slade.
Other Asbestos Uses With Tobacco
A compound of tobacco and asbestos was mixed to make paper for cigarettes. The paper is cut up like cigarette paper, and a number of leaflets are put together in book form. To use it you take a leaf and roll it up between your fingers, and it is ready for smoking. As asbestos has neither taste nor smell it does not interfere with the flavor of tobacco, while the veil effects of smoking are obviated.
For pipe tobacco the mixture was made up so that the asbestos is not observable in the mixture. It was very cool to smoke and consumed the nicotine in the tobacco, while it burned right down to the bottom of the pipe. A pipe smoked  with this tobacco-asbestos was said to be always dry and left no filthy moisture in the stem.
Robert H. Jones, Asbestos, Its Properties, Occurence, & Uses, London, 1890
What to do with those Asbestos Ashes
Where else would you flick those asbestos ashes but an asbestos ashtray!