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Literally Genesis 30

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Welcome to part Thirty in this series of videos in which I take the advice of all of those Christian fundamentalists and read my bible - literally

You see if you are going to believe in the literal "truth" of the bible and take it literally then literally is the only way that you can read it.

In this episode Jacob becomes a daddy again and again and again and again, not content with getting to know his first wife, he gets to know the rest of the domestic staff too but he just cannot seem to make his second wife Rachel pregnant no matter what.

It seems that the Lord just loves to make Jacob's life a misery so it's not surprising that His wife Rachel ends up pimping him out for sexual favours in the world's first drugs deal.

Jacob eventually ends up making a deal with his father in law about his wages and devises a cunning plan to come out on top, experimenting in breading various livestock for the colour of their fur which leads to some interesting breeding techniques that take advantage of the most advanced understanding of genetic engineering at the time

Most surprising of all is when his goats give birth to cattle which completely owns every creationist on the planet who has ever said that evolution is not true because one kind of animal has never been seen to come out of another kind.

Then again they are probably not reading their bibles literally

"The Good Book"
Written and Performed by Tim Minchin




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