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Grappling Ignorance MIRROR

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Jesus was the atheist of his time.

These two YouTubers are worth your sub:

He's not the only one. Other atheists have been bullied offline by their jobs as well...many others.

I never thought about this until this incident, because such maliciousness doesn't come naturally to me, but I have real power over Christians - real power. I interview them; I hire them; they give me their financial details, their residential and professional histories, their social security numbers; I rent real estate to them, high demand real estate that I can rent to anyone I want; they've even used their religion as a selling point to try to convince me to choose them, oblivious that they were trying to sell themselves to an atheist. The livelihoods of entire Christians families depend on my good atheist. And as their neighbors are tossed into the streets by the greedy corporations who they would want to remain unchecked and unregulated, my tenants enjoy the attentiveness and security brought to them by an atheist who they would gleefully condemn to hell. I would never, ever discriminate against or negatively affect someone because they're a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew. And I do this knowing full well that many of them wouldn't do the same for me. To my integrity and my conscience, I relinquish the power I have over them, the same power they would seek to use against me.

Being immersed in this debate for over a decade, in real life and on YouTube, has caused me to meet thousands of Christians and atheists. I can tell you one counterintuitive thing I've witnessed time and time again over the years: atheists are far, far more Christ-like than most Christians could ever hope to be. Jesus was the atheist of his time. The powers that be tried to shut him up too, but that didn't work. Now, it seems many Christians have done a 180. My friend, the atheist high school teacher, the same man who Jesus Christ would've befriended, would also be tossed out on the street by some of Jesus' misguided modern day followers, who call themselves Christians while knowing nothing of Jesus' teachings. But things are getting better. At least they'll no longer burn him at the stake. But would they if they could?


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