Friday, October 28, 2011

Private Message to TheLivingDinosaur of YouTube

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You know, better than I, how good is your work, how much detail you put into it and how well written are your scripts. My point in writing is this: as sardonic and contemptuous as you may sound to the people you "pwn," I experience, in your videos, the preciousness of reality, the awe of curiosity, the joy of learning and the fragility of what is true. I hear a large and passionate heart in you, and that, Sir, impresses me far more than your talent with graphics, your clever turn of a phrase and even the accuracy of your science (which I deeply respect, and hold in the highest esteem).

You cheer me. In a dark and often gruesome world of small, petty people who would gleefully see me dead, were they to know I'm not only Queer, but an atheist -- a rural back water where the new hotdog restaurant (to be fair: he is a gourmet cook, uses only Nathan's Kosher dogs and makes, from scratch, such gourmet condiments as wasabi mayonaise, ginger sauce and bleu cheese garnish -- a fact that always delights and surprises me, given my location and the fact that cows here outnumber people by hundreds to one) is the biggest talk of the town until the next clandestine affair or crack house is exposed. My days can be rather bleak, at times.

Watching your videos is very similar to some of the best sexual experiences of my life in this regard: they are opulent, thoroughly engrossing, so intense they make it difficult to keep up, challenge me to be my best and most open and most alert self, a total joy and extremely satisfying to a part of my mind that can rarely experience enough stimulation under my circumstances of harsh poverty, lack of transportation or many other options and the fact that the nearest university, museums and live performances are seventy-five miles away.

I have to watch each of your videos at least twice. My eyes want to play with the pretty pictures as my brain tries to struggle its way through new information and concepts. Frequently, my eyes win and my brain goes into a tangential revere about some particularly intriguing image. I experience a sensation of waking up and realizing I don't have a clue what you've just said. I have learned to stifle the impulse to replay the "lost" portion of your script and simply go along for the ride, relax and enjoy it. I can always re-watch the entire video again, until I grasp the finer points and nuances, at which time I find myself HAVING to pause the video, in order to accommodate frequent, very loud laughter.

So, that is what your work on YouTube means to me. When my email tells me there's a new video posted from TheLivingDinosaur, I prepare for it. I wait until I have uninterrupted time, when I'm not too tired and really turn it into an event. I watch on full screen. I never snack, clean my finger nails, check email or do any form of multi-tasking; I devote my entire attention to what you've produced.

Thank you.

Website for TheLivingDinosaur:
Video that inspired my note:
Holy Hallucinations 28
Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on Oct 25, 2011

My 'favorite' Youtube creationists at the PPSimmons channel have been at it again so, as per my vow, here is my response. Apologies for how long this video is. I'd initially thought it was going to be a short one, but it was only as I read PP's "sources" and did a little research I realized the magnitude of the shit-heap underlying this seemingly innocuous little piece of typical creationist propaganda. As it is there were a number of areas I would also have liked to gone into in more detail, including how Carl can feel that a change of 18 million years in a phylogeny is significant when he actually believes the world to be 6000 years old, and a deeper explanation of why science can only be as accurate as the data set it has to work with and why this means it is critical that it is able to modify hypotheses and theories in the light of new observations.

I have to say that putting together something this long has been very draining, so it's not something I'm planning to do again for a long, long time. Though, having said that, the record of creationist bullshittery seems to suggest that it is bound to happen again sometime (but hopefully not too soon).

PP's video amazingly still has comments enabled as of this upload, so it will be interesting to see how long it will be before they take down the comments section on this one. You can find this particular tele-visual turd here:

Tas Wanker's 'article' can be found here:

Jonathan Farti's 'article' can be found here:

Thanks to Lapkine77 for identifying the 'Guilt by Association' logical fallacy for me. Check out his channel at:

Also thanks to DiscoveringReligion for sending me the "bible brainwashing" graphic. If you don't know him, he makes SUPERB videos, and you really should check him out:

Intro by the one-and-only ONESPECIES (check him out too!):

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No. 55 in B flat major, (K 214).

Clack, J. A. (2002). An Early Tetrapod from "Romer's Gap." Nature 418:, 72-76.
Daeschler, E. B., Shubin, N. H., and Jenkins, F. A. (2006). A Devonian tetrapod-like fish and the evolution of the tetrapod body plan. Nature 440:757-763.
Downs, J.P., Daeschler, E. B., Jenkins Jr, F.A., and Shubin, N. H. (2008). The cranial endoskeleton of Tiktaalik roseae. Nature 455:925-929.
Niedzwiedzki, G. et al. (2010). Tetrapod trackways from the early Middle Devonian period of Poland. Nature 463: 43-48.
Shubin, N. H., Daeschler, E. B., and Jenkins, F. A. (2006). The pectoral fin of Tiktaalik roseae and the origin of the tetrapod limb. Nature 440:764-771.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manual de instrucciones para la vida.

Uploaded by on Oct 25, 2011

Traducció y narración de JOLULIPA del video colaborativo de Qualia Soup y Theramin Trees.




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Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Deep Singing Monk With Singing Bowls Cymbals And Ga

the harmonics are intentionally slightly off key. I have brain injuries and am very sensitive to changes within my cranium. This sound sets up what is for me a very painful vibrating that begins at my ears, into my sinuses, across my forehead and through my teeth. It hurts. Now, I would assume that, were one less sensitive to the physical sensations, and one submitted to them, it might be beneficial for meditation, induce trance or hypnosis. For me, my head and ears were very greatly relieved when I shut the damn thing off. The harmonics are not pleasant major and minor chords. They're dissonant. My ear literally moves when a musical instrument is out of tune; has done since I first began playing concert flute in an orchestra as a child. Only my right ear. And it went crazy, trying to "tune" this.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

_I gave up on my species_ - George Carlin

Uploaded by on Oct 22, 2011

See the full interview at

The Archive of American Television conducted the last in-depth interview with the great comedian George Carlin on December 17, 2007, for nearly four hours in Venice, CA. see the complete interview at
For more information about this and other Archive interviews, visit
This interview was conducted by Jenni Matz and Henry Colman.


People & Blogs


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Grappling Ignorance MIRROR

Uploaded by on Oct 21, 2011

Uploaded by DarkMatter2525
on Nov 9, 2010

Jesus was the atheist of his time.

These two YouTubers are worth your sub:

He's not the only one. Other atheists have been bullied offline by their jobs as well...many others.

I never thought about this until this incident, because such maliciousness doesn't come naturally to me, but I have real power over Christians - real power. I interview them; I hire them; they give me their financial details, their residential and professional histories, their social security numbers; I rent real estate to them, high demand real estate that I can rent to anyone I want; they've even used their religion as a selling point to try to convince me to choose them, oblivious that they were trying to sell themselves to an atheist. The livelihoods of entire Christians families depend on my good atheist. And as their neighbors are tossed into the streets by the greedy corporations who they would want to remain unchecked and unregulated, my tenants enjoy the attentiveness and security brought to them by an atheist who they would gleefully condemn to hell. I would never, ever discriminate against or negatively affect someone because they're a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew. And I do this knowing full well that many of them wouldn't do the same for me. To my integrity and my conscience, I relinquish the power I have over them, the same power they would seek to use against me.

Being immersed in this debate for over a decade, in real life and on YouTube, has caused me to meet thousands of Christians and atheists. I can tell you one counterintuitive thing I've witnessed time and time again over the years: atheists are far, far more Christ-like than most Christians could ever hope to be. Jesus was the atheist of his time. The powers that be tried to shut him up too, but that didn't work. Now, it seems many Christians have done a 180. My friend, the atheist high school teacher, the same man who Jesus Christ would've befriended, would also be tossed out on the street by some of Jesus' misguided modern day followers, who call themselves Christians while knowing nothing of Jesus' teachings. But things are getting better. At least they'll no longer burn him at the stake. But would they if they could?


Nonprofits & Activism


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mini-series: "The Second Coming"

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You'll probably think I've finally gone over the edge, but I am actually recommending a 2-part mini-series from England about the 2nd coming of the son of g*d. It's in segments, on a YouTube playlist. There's a "play all" function, somewhere. It's apx. 10 min. bits, 16 total, so about 2 1/2 hrs.

I don't recommend religion-related programming. Ever. I learned of this from a very unconventional source and was so surprised, I looked it up, found it online and started watching. I didn't stop watching until it was done.

What if the son of g*d showed up in a working class suburb of England: a "loser" who works in a video store, drinks too much and has no ambition in life?

Oh, just watch it. You'll see. 

The Second Coming (TV serial)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Second Coming
The opening titles of The Second Coming
Genre Drama
Written by Russell T Davies
Directed by Adrian Shergold
Starring Christopher Eccleston
Lesley Sharp
Mark Benton
Kenny Doughty
Composer(s) Murray Gold
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 2
Executive producer(s) Nicola Shindler
Russell T Davies
Producer(s) Ann Harrison-Baxter
Editor(s) Tony Cranstoun
Running time 145 min.
Production company(s) Red Production Company
Original channel ITV (ITV1/STV/UTV)
Original run 9 February – 10 February 2003
External links
The Second Coming is a two-part British television drama first screened on ITV in the UK in February 2003. It concerns the realisation of Steve Baxter (played by Christopher Eccleston) that he is in fact the Son of God, and has just a few days to find the human race's Third Testament and thus avert the Apocalypse.
It was written by Russell T Davies (later head writer of the 2005 series of Doctor Who), and produced by the independent Red Production Company. The programme was originally commissioned as four one-hour episodes by Channel 4 in 1999; however, when new executives took over running the drama department at that channel, they decided not to pursue the project. Davies and Red's founder Nicola Shindler took the project to the BBC, who quickly turned it down; it found a home on ITV, a channel that had gained a reputation for producing mainstream, unchallenging, "middle-of-the-road" drama in recent years. [1]
Screened over two successive evenings in prime time on Sunday and Monday, 9–10 February 2003, The Second Coming gained viewing figures of over six million. Davies, who is an atheist, has said his intention was to provoke debate and get people thinking about religion.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scare the Christians on "JUDGMENT DAY" and leave shoes with dry ice around!

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Friday, October 21 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm


Created By

ForLADEAD™ (Los Angeles Darkside)

More Info

Someone sent me this:

"I think we should all go to Goodwill, buy a bunch of shoes, and start leaving them around town with dry ice creating fog from inside of them and clothes scattered around... Scare the [fundamentalist/Camping cult] Christians into thinking they got left behind."

And I think it's Brilliant! ♥

Now remember, the Rapture is supposed to be at 6PM. We're gonna assume this is like X-Mas, following each region's respective timezone. So don't dally! Keep an eye on your materials, so that kids don't hurt themselves or security misinterprets! And be sure to clean up by 7PM! Judgment has *nothing* on littering fines. :X

At the end of the day, be sure to come back to this Event Page and post pictures and videos of your epic pranks!

Monday, October 17, 2011

"How Anger Fuels Atheistic Arrogance"

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RH recommends a link.

The majority of people in the world believe there is a God. Many of them don’t yet know Him personally through faith in Jesus, but they nevertheless accept the fact that He exists. Atheists, on the other hand, act like their subjective opinion on the matter carries the weight of a Papal Edict. They ...
RH Goes both ways. It isn't just the atheists. Let's be fair about it. I do know a lot of so called Holy people or Christians who use Religion as a front for business purposes or to be a so called pillar of the community & there so full of B/S some of my atheists friends are more kind and loving and better with there actions then a lot of Church going people
    • RH Most of them say they love every one and some do but man some of them get pissed off when u bring up creation or Christ

    • Rogi Equality Riverstone No, it does NOT go both ways! 
      We are angry that superstitious zealots try to cram their ignorance down not only our throats, but our kids' in school. 
      We are angry that we get fired, get evicted and get harassed by zealots. Atheists receive CONSTANT death threats from Christians and Muslims. 
      We are angry that superstition is being used by corrupt puppets of lobbying firms for major corporations to convince people that war is good, that science is evil, that thinking is dangerous and that personal responsibility is in either their g*d's or satan's hands, not theirs. 
      We are angry that pompous propagandists put words in our mouths, the way your article does, to keep their sheep in line. 
      We are angry that people who believe in magic and do not respect reality want Queer people killed, tortured and ostracized. 
      We are angry that women are seen with such contempt, we should not have control over our own reproductive organs without a man's approval. 
      We are angry that our kids can't be in the Boy Scouts if they don't believe in a magic sky daddy. 
      We are angry that our soldiers are pumped full of fundamentalist propaganda before being sent to kill people of other faiths, who are just as brain washed. 
      We are angry that "g*d" is coming into EVERY political issue in this coming Presidential race, when our country is supposed to separate the secular from the "sacred." 
      We are angry because YOU are SO convinced you know the mind of someone you think created the Universe, you won't listen to reason, logic or facts. 
      We are angry because that mentality creates genocides and wars and flies planes into buildings. 
      We are angry because you demonize US instead of admitting you're just too lazy to admit your own responsibilities for what's wrong with the world. 
      We are angry because superstitious zealots have mass murdered hundreds of millions of people in the name of g*d, on BOTH SIDES of every conflict. 
      We are angry because your superstitions drag us into the Dark Ages, because your "faith" nearly killed Galileo for simply stating the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the solar system. 
      We are angry because you berate, harass, hurt, slander and stigmatize us. 
      We are angry because we just tried to donate half a million dollars to the American Cancer Society and, because they're so SCARED of YOU, they refused our donation! They'd rather let people die than take money from people who don't need a g*d as an excuse! 
      We are angry because Fox "News" and damn near every other media outlet in this country pumps you full of lies about us and you're so righteous....I mean gullible... you believe it.
      And we are angry because ALL your sacred texts, every religion on this planet, believes the superstitious myths and scratchings of Bronze Age SAVAGES, rather than reality! 
      We are angry because you'd rather post pompous, ignorant, arrogant garbage like this with your nose in the air and your head up your ass, rather than listen to ANYTHING we have to say! 
      Tell me something: if your magic man in the sky is so freaking powerful, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU COWARDS SO AFRAID OF US?????

Jesus Returns!

Uploaded by on Oct 17, 2011

Jesus is back... and he is pissed!




Friday, October 14, 2011

Beethoven 5th Sympony, 1st mvt. (animated score)

Uploaded by on Oct 14, 2011

Beethoven's 5th Symphony, First movement, accompanied by an animated graphical score.
Q: Why did you make yet another video of this piece?
A: I've recently been rewriting my music animation software, and as part of this work, I added support for smoothly-shaded triangles. I wanted to try them out in a new style of animation, and this was the first thing I came up with. The effect was different enough from the bar-graph version that I thought it was worth having both of them on my main YouTube channel (smalin). I also added the time-warp idea (that I'd previously only used in my "balls" display), and barlines (which I changed so that they light up). Oh, and I also used the dynamic levels from the recording to change the width (height) of the shapes.

Q: Where can I get free sheet music for this piece?
A: Here:

Q: What do the colors in the bar-graph score mean?
A: The colors show which instruments are playing. Here's a chart:
The chart doesn't always match, because when two instruments are playing the same note, their colors combine. That is one of the many shortcomings of this animation.

Q: Please tell me more about the composer.
A: You can read about Beethoven here

Q: Who is playing this?
A: I licensed this recording from
It is performed by the Royalty Free Classical Music Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Keith J. Salmon. I don't know anything beyond that about the recording (like, whether it is a real orchestra or synthetic, who are its members, when and where was the recording made, etc.)




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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liberal: "Bill's views on religion are controversial"

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Rogi Equality Riverstone Listen to me very carefully, Loud Mouth. Mahr's "views on religion" are not "controversial." What IS controversial are the "views on religion" that have absolutely corrupted and overwhelmed the secular, civil political process in the USA. Mahr is an atheist: one who does not believe in a g*d. That's supposed to be a perfectly acceptable position, according to the founders of this nation, including Thomas Jefferson, whose writings frequently mirror Mahr's views. Mahr has every right, reason and responsibility to deconstruct the superstitions, irrational, theocratic hate mongering set free on this continent right now. If you don't want to be associated with atheists, igtheists, agnostics and the like, perhaps you can keep the moniker, "Loud Mouth," but need to drop the self-definition of "Liberal." If the "Liberals" in this country had the spine to come out and directly challenge the anti-science, revisionist history bull crap coming out of the mouths of GOP candidates, invalidate them and stand up for reason, independent thought and an end to mob mentality, we could turn this mess around. Mahr is a political commentator. He's commenting. period.
I realize that Bill's views on religion are controversial; It is not my intention to get into a debate about whether there is or is not a God or whether JC is the savior, etc. Bill's views, specifically, on OWS and the left needing something to move them are spot on. As well as his comments on the centrist Dems. We need to end the filibuster!! And primary their asses; Then, vote them out!! :)
Oct. 11: HBO's Bill Maher talks with Rachel Maddow about Republicans attacking each other and Mitt Romney in particular because of his Mormon faith.

I realize that Bill's views on religion are controversial; It is not my intention to get into a debate about whether there is or is not a God or whether JC is the savior, etc. Bill's views, specifically, on OWS and the left needing something to move them are spot on. As well as his comments on the centrist Dems. We need to end the filibuster!! And primary their asses; Then, vote them out!! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

kate asked what I'm doing

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There's no PO delivery here and I can't afford a PO box (rv park residents are considered "temporary," so can't get free boxes).

I'm very stressed, but working hard. I'm building a greenhouse out of trash and will video tape it soon.

I'm on YouTube now, primarily in the skeptical/scientific/atheist communities, but dabbling in feminism, Queer issues and whatever strikes my fancy. I only have a craptacular webcam in the Netbook Rachel got for me, and no room on either computer for good editing software, so I need to be resourceful in how I produce videos. My training in broadcast journalism won't let me make something too crappy for public consumption, though.

There are descriptions/Info below each video with links, explanations, etc.

I did this as a video response to a young, atheist woman who asked what in the world we would end in 2012 (a flip of the "end times" "prophecies" for next year. This it how I would end the world in 2012:

This is my memorial to Troy Davis, that guy in Georgia who was executed...I mean lynched...recently:

I'm dabbling in a new blog and video series: Celebrating Omnipotent Sperm Temple for wombMen (COST4Women), in which I review cultural memes, political candidates, etc. without ever mentioning Abrahamic faiths' obsession with patronage, control of females & children, etc. No culture is off limits, nor is any body else.

Now, this one is a response to a guy from Luxemburg whom I stumbled over. In fact, his name is Guy (pronounced GEE with a hard "g"). I have a very tender spot in my heart for him. He is sweet and smart and funny and wicked and does all atheist videos, but with characters, humor and plain ol' joy, like US and English atheists can't even touch. We are becoming good friends. What I did NOT know, when I made this video, is that there is an infestation of so-called "men's rights" in a portion of the atheist YouTube community that is quite abusive, crass, arrogant, disrespectful, etc. So, when some of these fellows listened to the 2 video set I'll post here, they assumed some stuff about me and went on the attack. One even posted very veiled threats that he might research who I am and where I live and "drop my docs," expose me to my community. I don't care. While it sickens me that people can be so warped, I HAVE to speak. Now, the really interesting thing, the thing that most surprises me, about this video is that there is NO script and NO editing. I never say "um, ah..." I only lost my place once, when a bug flew down my night gown and I sound poised, articulate and clear. I'm getting a lot (relatively speaking) of support, subscriptions and "friend requests," as a result. It's also my most watched video. People want me to continue. It's all just from the heart. It's a response to Guy (he calls himself "Goxter" on YouTube), calling for us as rational people, to frame our arguments and discussions with rationality, logic and respect for our debate opponents. I jumped at the chance to speak:

I'm meeting WONDERFUL people, from all over the planet. Some have church damage, as do I. Many are very into science, philosophy, sacred texts as literature, social history, politics... on and on. And not at some superficial level. Some of these people are beyond "smart." I have no interest in television. I seldom even watch movies on the internet anymore. I spend my free time watching home-broadcast videos by regular human beings from all over the planet and it is MARVELOUS to break my isolation in this travel trailer in NM and sit in a living room in Denmark, a school yard in India, a biology lab in England or a back yard in Luxemburg. I can't tell you how beautiful this is to me.

So, what am I doing? Not much. Just preparing my trailer for winter, finishing my green house and sitting on my fat rump, listening to the insides of people's minds all over the planet. Not much.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Richard Dawkins Reads His Hate Mail Again

It would help immensely in my comprehension of audio recorded in a "bright," reverberating room if one's camera operator could better stifle the impulse to giggle while love mail is being read, but I certainly can understand the impulse.

Curiosity - Did God Create the Universe

Uploaded by on Aug 15, 2011

Stephen Hawking unfolds his personal, compelling vision of the biggest question of all: Who or what created the universe in which we live? The groundbreaking series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking combined cutting-edge CG with Hawking's witty, distinctive and incisive worldview. Now, we take the journey a step further, as physics and cosmology become tools to answer questions that philosophers have struggled with for thousands of years.


Science & Technology


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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Literally Genesis 30

Uploaded by on Sep 24, 2011

Welcome to part Thirty in this series of videos in which I take the advice of all of those Christian fundamentalists and read my bible - literally

You see if you are going to believe in the literal "truth" of the bible and take it literally then literally is the only way that you can read it.

In this episode Jacob becomes a daddy again and again and again and again, not content with getting to know his first wife, he gets to know the rest of the domestic staff too but he just cannot seem to make his second wife Rachel pregnant no matter what.

It seems that the Lord just loves to make Jacob's life a misery so it's not surprising that His wife Rachel ends up pimping him out for sexual favours in the world's first drugs deal.

Jacob eventually ends up making a deal with his father in law about his wages and devises a cunning plan to come out on top, experimenting in breading various livestock for the colour of their fur which leads to some interesting breeding techniques that take advantage of the most advanced understanding of genetic engineering at the time

Most surprising of all is when his goats give birth to cattle which completely owns every creationist on the planet who has ever said that evolution is not true because one kind of animal has never been seen to come out of another kind.

Then again they are probably not reading their bibles literally

"The Good Book"
Written and Performed by Tim Minchin




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