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Beethoven 5th Sympony, 1st mvt. (animated score)

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Beethoven's 5th Symphony, First movement, accompanied by an animated graphical score.
Q: Why did you make yet another video of this piece?
A: I've recently been rewriting my music animation software, and as part of this work, I added support for smoothly-shaded triangles. I wanted to try them out in a new style of animation, and this was the first thing I came up with. The effect was different enough from the bar-graph version that I thought it was worth having both of them on my main YouTube channel (smalin). I also added the time-warp idea (that I'd previously only used in my "balls" display), and barlines (which I changed so that they light up). Oh, and I also used the dynamic levels from the recording to change the width (height) of the shapes.

Q: Where can I get free sheet music for this piece?
A: Here:

Q: What do the colors in the bar-graph score mean?
A: The colors show which instruments are playing. Here's a chart:
The chart doesn't always match, because when two instruments are playing the same note, their colors combine. That is one of the many shortcomings of this animation.

Q: Please tell me more about the composer.
A: You can read about Beethoven here

Q: Who is playing this?
A: I licensed this recording from
It is performed by the Royalty Free Classical Music Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Keith J. Salmon. I don't know anything beyond that about the recording (like, whether it is a real orchestra or synthetic, who are its members, when and where was the recording made, etc.)




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