Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Christian Is Not Synonymous With Conservative"

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 Anybody who believes a genocidal, baby-killer who plans to torture innocent people eternally, simply because they "didn't know" his own son's death by human sacrifice was designed to "save" them from how "evil they are" is not just conservative. That's reactionary, sadistic and necrophiliac. Religion destroys whole civilizations, ESPECIALLY christianity! How anybody with a conscience could call herself a "christian" and, in the same breath, pretend to be "progressive" is such an act of cognitive dissonance as to make a rational person's head pop like a tick!

Who are "the Christians"?
This beguilingly simple question was provoked by a Morning Edition report in which host David Greene referred to an anti-abortion movie, "October Baby", as a "Christian film." Many Christians objected. They didn't identify with the movie or its message.
Roughly 78 percent of Americans are Christian and have a wide variety of views—even on abortion.
"I've been troubled for years that conservative, evangelical Christians have appropriated the name 'Christian' as if Christians holding progressive views don't exist," wrote Theodore Johnson of Basye, VA. "In today's story, the reporter seemed to go along with that fiction by using the word 'Christian' without adding 'conservative' or 'evangelical' or some other words to indicate that these are Christians with one point of view that isn't held by everyone who consider themselves Christians."

Cheap Eats: Blackberry Loaf

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ALWAYS question authority and NEVER follow directions as written! Life is too short to be mediocre and poisoned by crappy food!

Found some packages of lemon, poppy seed, muffin mix and thought I'd invent a legitimate dessert from them. As usual, when something's that cheap, I bought all they had. Wouldn't buy it at regular price. A hell of a lot cheaper than buying the actual muffins, which cost about a dollar each. And, the way I baked it, it's an actual, nutritious meal!

Didn't have any milk, like the recipe called for, so I substituted frozen blackberries and Greek style yogurt.

Muffin mix: $0.50
Blackberries: $1.00
Cheese: $1.00
Fat Free, Greek style, unflavored yogurt: $0.25

Makes six servings, less than $0.50/per

Oh, the horror!




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Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY: Hair Cut

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Dropped scissors on laptop while cutting & turned camera off accidentally; last 1/2 hair cut not recorded. Just keep parting small strips, combing straight out from scalp and cutting when first of "bangs" or "sideburns" falls. Cut back last, using previously-cut hair as a guide.

Less than 10 minutes.

Darkest Child
Genre: Soundtrack
Length: 3:59
Instruments: Harp, Celesta, Cellos, Basses
Tempo: 128

A childlike celeste plays high notes among a barely audible harp and deep bass. In the second minute the disturbing melody is in a lower register, and strings accentuate the discordant sounds before returning to the high register. The music is excellent for a creepy dream sequence or the exposition of an unknown fantasy world.
This track is available in many lengths.
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ISRC: US-UAN-11-00783
Dark, Eerie, Unnerving 2011