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Quran Commercial

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From The Comedy Jesus Show
Taking all forms of faith-based retardation to task.
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"Everybody Poops" - a bad lip reading of the Black Eyed Peas

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Poop Poop
Poop Poop
Poop Poop

I can't think when i gotta poop

Poop Poop
Poop Poop (Poop!)
Poop Poop

No eye contact! I'll beat you down!
'Cause you know that that's not scary
You'll never find a human that steals school supplies
And if you do
Let me know who (who)
And I'll beat him down.

I like to poop poop out the bad vibes
That's right, I'm the best one.
And when we do a show I always start with this
And then usually around five I'll lay down and
Then I poop poop poop on the floor!

Everybody poops
And if they don't they're an android
And should be destroyed.

I forgot to break the mirrors
And the spaceship soared away
Why not tell me they left?
You gotta flush the toilet
Yeah, see that's right
Professional baby
I'm gonna find a chicken fight
Then gonna go poo poo

Mama told me she wrote me a note
She forgot that I'm a soft machine man
Looks like we got a big mean dookie on deck
And I hate those greenish potatoes with them soggy fish sticks!

When I'm on the pot after working for hours
Watch out down there
When i'm dumping my log

Everybody poops
And if they don't they're an android
And should be destroyed.
I be regular, bitches

Everybody poops
And if they don't they're an android
And should be destroyed.

Yeah I'm going downtown
Gotta get me some tissue
Fergie used it all up
'Cause she got bowel issues
Yeah, she ain't no android
You can take my word
I'm-I-I-I-I-I'm gonna go poop poop

When I'm on the pot after working for hours
Watch out down there
When i'm dumping my log

Everybody poops
And if they don't they're an android
And should be destroyed.
(Th-th-th-that's a big one!)

Everybody poops
And if they don't they're an android
And should be destroyed.
(Open wide!)

Yeah, see that's right



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What would happen if kids shows were real?
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Stephen Colbert PWNs Glenn Beck?

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When Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" took on Fox News commentator Glenn Beck last week, it was a battle of the fake pundits that could only leave one man on top as I show in this video.

You can find the full 7 minute segment of "The Colbert Report" from which I took the 5 short clips for this video on the Colbert Nation website at

You can find the YouTube webpage of my friend Thunderf00t's video titled "Fox News shows murder blames it on godless" which I show in this video at

You can find the YouTube webpage of my Fox News bias playlist which I show in this video at

You can find the YouTube webpage of my previous video titled "Who Listens to Michelle Malkin" which I show in this video at

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CULT in a BOX !

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They Fell For My Hoax Video

  • ps: this shit's goin in my blog! roflmfao....oh I can't stop laughing

  • roflmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, dude, you made my night! I've been feeling so sad and scared all day, since the murder of Troy Davis. I haven't smiled or laughed all day, except when my cat got a fly strip stuck to both his back ankles and ran, hysterically, though the yard. Oh, DUDE! This is so precious, priceless and such a relief! ha ha ha I can't stop laughing. Oh, DUDE!

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Many 9/11 "Truthers" weren't fooled by my ridiculous fake video of 7 World Trade Center being taken down by controlled demolition. But those who did, well..... gullible people are gullible.

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World's smallest stop-motion film

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Dot. The world's smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8

Uploaded by on Aug 31, 2010
Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics.
See more projects and how the 'Dot' film was made at or

Dot. The making of.

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Here's a little film that takes you behind the scenes at Aardman. It reveals what went in to making the world's smallest character animated film and how it was shot using a Nokia N8.
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A Declaration of Interdependence: a crowdsourced short film

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From the filmmakers behind CONNECTED
Directed by @tiffanyshlain Music by Moby
To declare your interdependence, please join us at

A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is a crowdsourced short film by the filmmakers behind the feature film CONNECTED (

It is premiering right now at Interdependence Day Sept 12, 2011 in New York near groundzero at Threelegged Dog Art & Technology Center.

To participate in the "100 languages challenge" with DotSub and the world to translate the film into 100 languages, go to

The Little Shop of Horrors: Jonathan Haze, Dick Miller, Jack Nicholson (...

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The Little Shop of Horrors is a 1960 American comedy film directed by Roger Corman. Written by Charles B. Griffith, the film is a farce about an inadequate young florist's assistant who cultivates a plant that feeds on human flesh and blood. The film's concept is thought to be based on a 1932 story called "Green Thoughts", by John Collier, about a man-eating plant. The film stars Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles and Dick Miller, all of whom had worked for Corman on previous films. Produced under the title The Passionate People Eater, the film employs an original style of humor, combining black comedy with farce and incorporating Jewish humor and elements of spoof. The Little Shop of Horrors was shot in two days utilizing sets that had been left standing from a previous production on a budget of $30,000.

The film slowly gained a cult following through word of mouth when it was distributed as the b movie in a double feature with Mario Bava's Black Sunday and eventually with The Last Woman on Earth. The film's popularity increased with local television broadcasts, in addition to the presence of a young Jack Nicholson, whose small role in the film has been prominently promoted on home video releases of the film. The movie was the basis for an Off Broadway musical, Little Shop of Horrors, which was made into a 1986 feature film and enjoyed a Broadway revival, all of which have attracted attention to the 1960 film.

On Los Angeles's skid row, penny-pinching Gravis Mushnick (Mel Welles) owns a florist shop and employs sweet but simple Audrey Fulquard (Jackie Joseph) and clumsy Seymour Krelboyne (Jonathan Haze). Although the rundown shop gets little business, there are some repeat customers; for instance, Mrs. Siddie Shiva (Leola Wendorff) shops almost daily for flower arrangements for her many relatives' funerals. Another regular customer is Burson Fouch (Dick Miller), who eats the plants he buys for lunch. When Seymour fouls up dentist Dr. Farb's arrangement, Mushnick fires him. Hoping Mushnick will change his mind, Seymour tells him about a special plant that he crossbred from a butterwort and a Venus Flytrap. Bashfully, Seymour admits that he named the plant "Audrey Jr.", a revelation that delights the real Audrey.

From the apartment he shares with his hypochondriac mother, Winifred (Myrtle Vail), Seymour fetches his odd-looking, potted plant, but Mushnick is unimpressed by its sickly, drooping look. However, when Fouch suggests that Audrey Jr.'s uniqueness might attract people from all over the world to see it, Mushnick gives Seymour one week to revive it. Seymour has already discovered that the usual kinds of plant food do not nourish his strange hybrid and that every night at sunset the plant's leaves open up. When Seymour accidentally pricks his finger on another thorny plant, Audrey Jr. opens wider, eventually causing Seymour to discover that the plant craves blood. After that, each night Seymour nurses his creation with blood from his fingers, and although he feels increasingly listless, Audrey Jr. begins to grow, and the shop's revenues increase due to the curious customers who are lured in to see Audrey Jr.

The plant (voiced by writer Charles B. Griffith) develops the ability to speak and demands that Seymour feed him. Now anemic and not knowing what to feed the plant, Seymour takes a walk along a railroad track. When he carelessly throws a rock to vent his frustration, he inadvertently knocks out a man, who falls on the track and is run over by a train. Miserably guilt-ridden, but resourceful, Seymour collects the body parts and feeds them to Audrey Jr. Meanwhile, at a restaurant, Mushnick discovers he has no money with him, and when he returns to the shop to get some cash, he secretly observes Seymour feeding the plant. Although Mushnick intends to tell the police, the next day, when he sees the line of people waiting to spend money at his shop, he procrastinates.

Cast Jonathan Haze as Seymour Krelboyne Jackie Joseph as Audrey Fulquard Mel Welles as Gravis Mushnick Dick Miller as Burson Fouch Jack Nicholson as Wilbur Force John Shaner as Dr. Phoebus Farb Myrtle Vail as Winifred Krelboyne Leola Wendorff as Mrs. Siddie Shiva Wally Campo as Detective Sergeant Joe Fink / Narrator Jack Warford as Detective Frank Stoolie Charles B. Griffith as Voice of Audrey Junior / Kloy / Drunk dental patient / Screaming patient / Flower shop burglar
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CIA LSD Experiment on Psychosis (Secret Documentary Film)

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There have been numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States that have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally, without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects.

Many types of experiments have been performed including the deliberate infection of people with deadly or debilitating diseases, exposure of people to biological and chemical weapons, human radiation experiments, injection of people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation/torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children and mentally disabled individuals. In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor racial minorities or prisoners. Often, subjects were sick or disabled people, whose doctors told them that they were receiving "medical treatment", but instead were used as the subjects of harmful and deadly experiments.

Many of these experiments were funded by the United States government, especially the Central Intelligence Agency, United States military and federal or military corporations. The human research programs were usually highly secretive, and in many cases information about them was not released until many years after the studies had been performed.

The ethical, professional, and legal implications of this in the United States medical and scientific community were quite significant, and led to many institutions and policies that attempted to ensure that future human subject research in the United States would be ethical and legal. Public outcry over the discovery of government experiments on human subjects led to numerous congressional investigations and hearings, including the Church Committee, Rockefeller Commission, and Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, amongst others.

In 1950, the CIA initiated Project Bluebird, later renamed Project Artichoke, whose stated purpose was to develop "the means to control individuals through special interrogation techniques", "way[s] to prevent the extraction of information from CIA agents", and "offensive uses of unconventional techniques, such as hypnosis and drugs." The purpose of the project was outlined in a memo dated January 1952 that stated, "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?" The project studied the use of hypnosis, forced morphine addiction and subsequent forced withdrawal, and the use of other chemicals, among other methods, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects. In order to "perfect techniques for the abstraction of information from individuals, whether willing or not", Project Bluebird researchers experimented with a wide variety of psychoactive substances, including LSD, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, mescaline, and ether. Project Bluebird researchers dosed over 7,000 U.S. military personnel with LSD, without their knowledge or consent, at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. More than 1,000 of these soldiers suffered from several psychiatric illnesses, including depression and epilepsy, as a result of the tests. Many of them tried to commit suicide.

In 1952, professional tennis player Harold Blauer died when injected with a fatal dose of a mescaline derivative at the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University, by Dr. James Cattell. The United States Department of Defense, which sponsored the injection, worked in collusion with the Department of Justice, and the New York State Attorney General to conceal evidence of its involvement for 23 years. Cattell claimed that he did not know what the army had given him to inject into Blauer, saying: "We didn't know whether it was dog piss or what we were giving him."

In 1953, the CIA placed several of its interrogation and mind-control programs under the direction of a single program, known by the code name MKULTRA, after CIA director Allen Dulles complained about not having enough "human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques." The MKULTRA project was under the direct command of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of the Technical Services Division. The project received over $25 million, and involved hundreds of experiments on human subjects at eighty different institutions.

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The North Star: Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston, and Walter Bre...

Here's an odd, little find I stumbled on at YouTube. Written by Lillian Hellman, pro-Soviet propaganda.

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The North Star (also known as Armored Attack in the US) is a 1943 war film produced and distributed by RKO Radio Pictures. It was directed by Lewis Milestone and written by Lillian Hellman. The film starred Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston, Walter Brennan and Erich von Stroheim. The music was written by Aaron Copland, the lyrics by Ira Gershwin, and the cinematography was by James Wong Howe. The film also marked the debut of Farley Granger.

The film is about the resistance of Ukrainian villagers, through guerrilla tactics, against the German invaders of Ukraine. The film was an unabashedly pro-Soviet propaganda film at the height of the war.

In the 1950s it was criticised for this reason and it was recut to remove the idealized portrayal of Soviet collective farms at the beginning and to include references to the 1956 Hungarian Uprising.

In June 1941 Ukrainian villagers are living in peace. As the schools break up for vacation, a group of friends decide to travel to Kiev for a holiday. To their horror they find themselves attacked by German aircraft, part of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. Eventually their village itself is occupied by the Nazis. Meanwhile men and women take to the hills to form partisan militias. The full brutality of the Nazis is revealed when a German doctor (Erich von Stroheim) uses the village children as a source of blood for transfusions into wounded German soldiers. Some children lose so much blood that they die. A famous Russian doctor (Walter Huston) discovers this and informs the partisans, who prepare to strike back. They launch a cavalry assault on the village to rescue the children. The Russian doctor accuses the German doctor of being worse than the convinced Nazis, because he has used his skills to support them. He then shoots him. The peasants join together, and one girl envisions a future in which they will "make a free world for all men".

Cast * Anne Baxter as Marina Pavlova * Dana Andrews as Kolya Simonov * Walter Huston as Dr. Pavel Grigorich Kurin * Walter Brennan as Karp * Ann Harding as Sophia Pavlova * Jane Withers as Clavdia Kurina * Farley Granger as Damian Simonov * Erich von Stroheim as Dr. von Harden * Dean Jagger as Rodion Pavlov * Carl Benton Reid as Boris Stepanich Simonov * Ann Carter as Olga Pavlova * Esther Dale as Anna * Ruth Nelson as Nadya Simonova

The House Committee on Un-American Activities would later cite The North Star as one of the three noted examples of pro-Soviet works made by Hollywood, the other two being Warner Brothers' Mission to Moscow (1943) and MGM's Song of Russia (1944). Similar U.S. World War II movies are RKO Radio Pictures's Days of Glory on Russian resistance in the Tula Oblast and MGM's Dragon Seed on Chinese efforts against the Japanese occupation.

The extent to which the film incorporated official Soviet propaganda about collective farms prompted British historian Robert Conquest, a member of the British Foreign Office's Information Research Department (a unit created for the purpose of combating communist influence and promoting anti-communist ideas) in the 1950s to later write "a travesty greater than could have been shown on Soviet screens to audiences used to lies, but experienced in [collective-farm conditions] to a degree requiring at least a minimum of restraint."

The film was rereleased in 1957 under the title of Armored Attack. This version starts with the entry of the German column into the town and ends with narration of Hungarians fighting the Red Army during the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.

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two chinese boys:dadada

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the new clip of the tow chinese boys
funny crazy and stupid
the music is Pepsi "dadada"(FIFA World Cup 2006
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Ask Jupiter 2 - The Talking Cat is Back

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Jupiter, the talking cat is back to answer more of your questions!


Thanks once again to snowbirdy6 for supplying video of her awesome kitties Jupiter and Kona:

Theme music: Excerpt from "Maverick" (by me)
End theme: Me being silly

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