Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bob Anderson rebukes KUNM call in show

Anderson: "It was like bar talk more than educational."

That sounds a whole lot tlike elitist snobbery, to me. Most people
serving in the military -- besides officers -- are working class. They
don't usually speak like the ivory tower types.

What, exactly, has Anderson produced in the way of program content
which deals with the experiences of veterans? Wouldn't his
organization, "Stop the War Machine," (SWM) want to contribute to the
healing of our wounded? Or ought we stop the wars by ignoring the
warriors? Those injured warriors bring the wars right back into our
communities, if anybody's been paying attention.

I'm on the SWM email list. Anderson once solicited the membership to
provide him with a CAR so he can stop the wars for oil. When I
suggested a 90 mpg scooter or electric bicycle, I was ignored.

I'm grateful Anderson is too apathetic to have heard my production,
"Wounded Warriors: Native American Veterans with PTSD." I'm glad those
veterans didn't get attacked by armchair activism: ignorane framed in

Do we allow veterans to SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, or do we mandate
politically correct speech? Is this COMMUNITY radio, or COMMUNIST
radio? Are not veterans members of our community, whether we like them
or not? Don't THEY pay state taxes to fund KUNM, whether or not they
actually subscribe? Isn't it THEIR station, too? Haven't they earned
it at least as much as anybody else?

They haven't been living in the politically correct cliques for
decades. Forgive them their imperfections.

Given what they've gone through -- and in what a lethal, toxic system
they've gone through it, I'm amazed and humbled that they'd speak to
the rest of us, AT ALL, especially about such intimate trauma.

I listened to the Call In Show. Not only was I not offended by the
program, I was relieved. Lanie respectfully allowed her guests and
callers to speak THEIR truths to power, whether or not she agreed with

We got to hear from a segment of our community that is too much
ignored by the COMMERCIAL media, let alone our own station.

I learned a lot from the program this morning. I was deeply moved and
deeply angered that veterans are so neglected by ALL of us.

And those of us who say we are struggling for the advantages of peace
ought to be the MOST supportive of those of us who are struggling with
the effects of war.