Monday, October 17, 2011

"How Anger Fuels Atheistic Arrogance"

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RH recommends a link.

The majority of people in the world believe there is a God. Many of them don’t yet know Him personally through faith in Jesus, but they nevertheless accept the fact that He exists. Atheists, on the other hand, act like their subjective opinion on the matter carries the weight of a Papal Edict. They ...
RH Goes both ways. It isn't just the atheists. Let's be fair about it. I do know a lot of so called Holy people or Christians who use Religion as a front for business purposes or to be a so called pillar of the community & there so full of B/S some of my atheists friends are more kind and loving and better with there actions then a lot of Church going people
    • RH Most of them say they love every one and some do but man some of them get pissed off when u bring up creation or Christ

    • Rogi Equality Riverstone No, it does NOT go both ways! 
      We are angry that superstitious zealots try to cram their ignorance down not only our throats, but our kids' in school. 
      We are angry that we get fired, get evicted and get harassed by zealots. Atheists receive CONSTANT death threats from Christians and Muslims. 
      We are angry that superstition is being used by corrupt puppets of lobbying firms for major corporations to convince people that war is good, that science is evil, that thinking is dangerous and that personal responsibility is in either their g*d's or satan's hands, not theirs. 
      We are angry that pompous propagandists put words in our mouths, the way your article does, to keep their sheep in line. 
      We are angry that people who believe in magic and do not respect reality want Queer people killed, tortured and ostracized. 
      We are angry that women are seen with such contempt, we should not have control over our own reproductive organs without a man's approval. 
      We are angry that our kids can't be in the Boy Scouts if they don't believe in a magic sky daddy. 
      We are angry that our soldiers are pumped full of fundamentalist propaganda before being sent to kill people of other faiths, who are just as brain washed. 
      We are angry that "g*d" is coming into EVERY political issue in this coming Presidential race, when our country is supposed to separate the secular from the "sacred." 
      We are angry because YOU are SO convinced you know the mind of someone you think created the Universe, you won't listen to reason, logic or facts. 
      We are angry because that mentality creates genocides and wars and flies planes into buildings. 
      We are angry because you demonize US instead of admitting you're just too lazy to admit your own responsibilities for what's wrong with the world. 
      We are angry because superstitious zealots have mass murdered hundreds of millions of people in the name of g*d, on BOTH SIDES of every conflict. 
      We are angry because your superstitions drag us into the Dark Ages, because your "faith" nearly killed Galileo for simply stating the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the solar system. 
      We are angry because you berate, harass, hurt, slander and stigmatize us. 
      We are angry because we just tried to donate half a million dollars to the American Cancer Society and, because they're so SCARED of YOU, they refused our donation! They'd rather let people die than take money from people who don't need a g*d as an excuse! 
      We are angry because Fox "News" and damn near every other media outlet in this country pumps you full of lies about us and you're so righteous....I mean gullible... you believe it.
      And we are angry because ALL your sacred texts, every religion on this planet, believes the superstitious myths and scratchings of Bronze Age SAVAGES, rather than reality! 
      We are angry because you'd rather post pompous, ignorant, arrogant garbage like this with your nose in the air and your head up your ass, rather than listen to ANYTHING we have to say! 
      Tell me something: if your magic man in the sky is so freaking powerful, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU COWARDS SO AFRAID OF US?????

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