Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Deep Singing Monk With Singing Bowls Cymbals And Ga

the harmonics are intentionally slightly off key. I have brain injuries and am very sensitive to changes within my cranium. This sound sets up what is for me a very painful vibrating that begins at my ears, into my sinuses, across my forehead and through my teeth. It hurts. Now, I would assume that, were one less sensitive to the physical sensations, and one submitted to them, it might be beneficial for meditation, induce trance or hypnosis. For me, my head and ears were very greatly relieved when I shut the damn thing off. The harmonics are not pleasant major and minor chords. They're dissonant. My ear literally moves when a musical instrument is out of tune; has done since I first began playing concert flute in an orchestra as a child. Only my right ear. And it went crazy, trying to "tune" this.
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