Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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DOZENS of these appeared on the KGLPfm Facebook page yesterday, three or more pages deep! They covered such scintillating and urgent topics as where's the best karaoke, who's the 3rd best bartender and which club has the best, live DJ.

Here's my official comment to Santa Fe Reporter's Facebook post, asking for comments on the dozens upon dozens of meaningless posts with which they barraged us yesterday:
KGLP 91.7 fm Radio
Trying to inform our listeners here; needed to post important news, events, upcoming programs, etc. I'm a volunteer for a TINY station with small budget, and this was a LOT of extra work, weeding through SFR posts to get to important news stories. Literally took me 2 extra hours yesterday. "Disliked" SFR as private citizen, as a result. Our wall cluttered with spam, almost unusable. Just do what "Weekly Alibi" does with "Best of 'Burque:" Write an actual ARTICLE, with ONE LINK to it and post it on FaceBook. This looked very unprofessional, selfish and immature. Rogi Riverstone

Now, HERE is what I REALLY think:


Yesterday, I "unliked" [sic] you on FaceBook, thanks to your unrelenting spam. Even as readers began commenting with complaints, you ignored us and persisted in inundating us with useless and very localized posts of narrow-cast interest. 

That little stunt gave the following impressions:
You don't give a damn about your readers' needs and will always choose cheap trick self promotion, over communication (which is what journalism is SUPPOSED to be), every time.
You don't mind stealing other people's bandwidth. That was Zuckerberg's dime you were on. Now, I, personally, detest that little emperor. I have to dodge invasions of privacy, facial recognition software, whims that remove and archive my favorite -- albeit modest -- groups inane advertizing and stalker tools to let people know where I am at any given moment.

But KGLPfm in Gallup, New Mexico is a tiny station, in a tiny town, with a tiny budget. They can't even afford to pay me to keep up the blog and FaceBook page. They can't afford a news department, which is WHY I subscribe to as many news outlets in New Mexico, including yours, as possible: to keep our listeners informed.

I have NO idea whether you people actually published any NEWS yesterday; I quit reading after the second dozen spam posts.

Now, here's what you REALLY look like to me: It looks like you hired some pimple-faced, freshman "communications" major who still dots an "i" with a smiley face or a heart, who thought it would be "kewl" to do this clever, silly trick with other people's bandwidth, time and eyes.

And it looks like either your Editor in Chief didn't know it happened (which s/he should), or is so toasted, s/he should be fired from the Santa Fe Reporter and go to work at High Times, where such drooling drivel will be appreciated.

In an age of Rupert Murdoch, corporate mouthpieces, KKKarl Rove's whisper campaigns and Tea Parody, WE NEED NEWS we can TRUST, especially in such an economically-disadvantaged state as New Mexico! There's a difference between self-promotion and sociopathic self-interest, and you have DEFINITELY crossed the line!

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