Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disney's/Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

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THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. I started watching. I thought: interesting commentary on the chattel condition of women of the period; this has promise. Then,I smelled Tim Burton, looked it up and yes, sure enough. Of course: Johnny Depp. Oh, yes, the smell was coming from the predictable Danny Elfman score (he used to be so unique. Remember SCIZZORHANDS? How fresh the scores sounded back then!) After a tediously long fall down a rabbit hole to prove this is in 3-D, sure enough, Alice opens the door and there are the recycled topiary animals from EDWARD SCIZZORHANDS! And then, the full blast of CGI kicked in. They've broken the main rule of AIW: Never depict the Jabberwock or the Bandersnatch, the latter of whom looks suspiciously like the cousin of the John Goodman's character in MONSTERS, INC. Those are MINE to imagine; I do not want your images in my head. They are under mushrooms as I speak, dodging the Bandersnatch and I shall watch no more. It's dark; it's blue. It had a lot of production money thrown at it, but Burton is now a brand, not an artist. I too much miss the good old days, when we were young and innocent. I will not fall down this rabbit hole again. Rogi Riverstone. 


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