Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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The opening credits are grizzly. They're a montage of the torture endured by hunted animals. It could have been produced by PETA. Koreans have a sharp, strong ability to communicate deep subjects artfully. But the opening credits are the only gore or gruesome in this film.

A silly farce. Very juvenile, but not in that obnoxious way of US movies: no bodily functions, boob jokes, etc. Yes, people fall down a lot. And the boar looks like a worn-out Steiff bear with tusks so big, it could not possibly eat anything tougher than peanut butter, since its mouth cannot close. LOTS of painful stunt work, done by the actors, themselves. Even the old guy is athletic. This will not make you porcine phobic; the pig is just an excuse for the actors to hop around like monkeys on crack.. STAY FOR THE CLOSING CREDITS! ALL of them! All the way to the very end. There are 2 plot threads that tie up there. It was fun, not profound. No heavy lifting for the brain. The fake organic farming cracked me up. Koreans have such humor about somber subjects; nothing is sacred. This is JAWS from start to finish: barrels replaced by GPS. Small towns are the same, all over the world, I think. Rogi Riverstone

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