Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Film: "Voices/Someone Behind You"

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BLURB INCORRECT: NOBODY heard "strange voices commanding them to kill!" And it is NOT confusing, if you know how to pay attention! You just need to approach this as a mystery in horror genre: what is causing this, and is there a twist? The main premise is that paranoia is caused by misinterpreting reality until every person becomes a malicious suspect. Is the cause metaphysical, like a ghost or a demon? Is it caused by listening to someone who is warped? Does it generate completely inside your own head? Some dark scenes were not well lighted and appeared muddy. Soundtrack and sound effects were awesome. Decent acting. Really nice sets and locations. Not enough Korean horror shows locations in Korea. A lot of Korean horror has humor in it. This one doesn't rely on the little sub-plot jokes to cause giggles and relieve tension along the way. The whole film is the joke, and makes sense at the punch line. Korean film often tackles pretty sophisticated subjects, with horror as an excuse to examine them. This film is no exception: maybe curses, ghosts and demons are the products of our own minds. AWESOME! Rogi Riverstone


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