Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Russian Horror: Night Watch

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I am a grrl; I don't like boyz movies with gratuitous bloodshed, chase scenes and screaming. I don't like vampire movies; when I figured out this was 1, I almost killed it. 
This film was made by people who love what they're doing. Score and sound engineering were crisp and clear; CGI was intrinsic to the plot: not a geek wet dream of Look What I Can Do With A Computer. The scene of a rivet, falling from a passenger jet, through a ventilation shaft, into a woman's cup was AWESOME. The editing in this was dazzling: so tight, so illuminating.
The writing? Not sure, as I do not speak Russian, but this is full of humor and self-analysis. I absolutely suspect there are puns in this that do not translate into English and one, accidentally or because we both use the same expression, that does.

The Universe is divided into 2 gangs of thugs who have been fighting, if the costumes are an indication, since the Dark Ages. The so-called good guys drive souped-up armored truck slash Batmobiles in McDonalds yellow and red. This is just a very fun film that respects its audience, even if they are primarily pimply boyz. I would watch again and probably will. Rogi RIverstone

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