Monday, December 12, 2011

Queer Folk Song for TheLivingDinosaur

Uploaded by on Dec 11, 2011

A thank you video for TheLivingDinosaur, who has promoted Gender Queer Atheists on FaceBook
within the description and credits of his latest Holy Hallucination 29. He has also "favorited" my video, "Death of YouTube Atheism?" on his channel.
Or, as I put it to Gender Queer Atheists:
"Oh, my FREAKING DOG!!!!!!! TheLivingDinosaur FAVORITED my YouTube video on the Death of Atheism! ME??? I'm nobody!!! I'm right up there with PZ Meyers! I'm gonna CRY!
My entire mental breakdown over this can be read in my blog here:

The song:
"Ode to a Gym Teacher" written and performed by Meg Christian
From the album, "I Know You Know"
Olivia Records, 1974
Mirrored from LesbianMusic on YouTube:

Some of my best friends are Parrots; some are Lesbians; some are not.

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