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Acknowledgement from TheLivingDinosaur

The little clip at the end of Holy Hallucinations 29 that is about Gender Queer Atheists on Facebook can be seen here:

The entire Holy Hallucinations 29 is below

TheLivingDinosaur has promoted Gender Queer Atheists on FaceBook within the description of his latest Holy Hallucination. He has also "favorited" my video, "Death of YouTube Atheism?" on his channel. Or, as I put it to the Gender Queer Atheists on Facebook just now,
Oh, my FREAKING DOG!!!!!!! TheLivingDinosaur FAVORITED my YouTube video on the Death of Atheism!!!!!!!!! ME??? I'm nobody!!! I'm right up there with PZ Meyers! I'm gonna CRY!!! LOOK!

u made my nose hurt


Oh, Paul. Thank you. I'm a bit too choked up to be articulate right now. I wish I could give you a hug. You cannot know what your acknowledgement means to me. My dad was a scientist. He was a bastard, but he was a scientist. It's in my blood, but not in my damaged brain.

I'm crying too hard and it really hurts, so just read the email I sent to my friends.

You can't know how important that little copy & paste of links to my channel and to Gender Queer Atheists in your description bar is to me.
Email to friends: 
Dear kate, Rachel and michelle,

I'm crying so hard, I can barely see to type this.

He's a crusty old Brit, a scientist and a "debunker" of "creationist" pseudo-science. He's grouchy and, on occasion, vicious. His science is impeccable; he NEVER makes a claim he can't back up, and does it in miniscule detail. If your thinking is sloppy, he'll tear you apart. His animation software is fantastic. His scripts are SO intense and detailed, most of his subscribers, he told me, re-watch them several times, and he says he would, too. He's HYSTERICALLY funny, in that deadpan Brit accent that, to us in the 'states, sounds so sophisticated and urbane. He's dry as toast and rich as cheese cake. He has...I'm freaking out...he has over SIXTEEN THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent him my little video on Gender Queer Atheists on FaceBook. I asked if he could help me promote the group. He agreed. It took quite awhile for his most recent video to get done. In fact, it's on his channel, but hasn't shown up in my email notices yet, so it's very fresh.

I wondered why, all day today, Gender Queer, Trans, LGBT, etc. people have been asking to join the group this afternoon. Well, Paul put a link to our group, which he misnamed "LGBT," in the description to the video.

He did more than that. He put a link to my channel. And, on HIS channel, in his "favorite" videos from other people, right at the top, above REAL SCIENTISTS AND FAMOUS PEOPLE, he has "favorited" my humble, little video (only my 4th), "Death of YouTube Atheism."

Me? Really? Are you sure?

I'm scared half out of my mind.

So, michelle, thank you SO MUCH for getting that little camera for me; it should be here in 4 days, and the post office knows not to send it back, cuz it's addressed wrong; they'll hold it for me in General Delivery.

And kate, just thanks for loving me and appreciating me and feeding back stuff to me that's been very helpful in setting my course to lovingly address human beings in public.

And Rachel, thanks for sticking around, recognizing the practical tools I've needed and gone without and helping me provide those for myself. That little netbook you brought me got me onto YouTube.

A REAL scientist has acknowledged my WORK! I never finished college. I can't do maths. I'm only now able to partly control the impulsive, irrational, violent, undisciplined parts of my chewed-up brain and habits.

I wanted to be Carl Sagan when "I grew up." I wanted to popularize science, contribute to an informed democracy, make unnecessary the intrusion of superstition and prejudice from human politics.... I wanted people to understand how phenomenal it is, just to exist, let alone be conscious, however vaguely, of our position in the Universe.

A SCIENTIST acknowledged my tiny, amateurish, inarticulate, out-of-focus, semi-literate work today.

I also think I broke my nose today, probably gave myself a black eye and am bleeding very close to my left eye. A board snapped as I was pulling on it and hit me across the bridge of my nose. So it really hurts to be crying right now.

I crossed a threshold today I never thought I'd even SEE, let alone pass through. I'm just inside the door. I'm not important, and never will be, but I'm in the same room with the people I admire and respect most on the planet!

And Dec 21st will be the anniversary of Sagan's passing.

Ouch. My nose hurts!

Uploaded by on Dec 10, 2011
I had been working on a response to another notorious YouTube fucktard when PPSimmons splattered the internet with their latest bout of explosive diarrhea. Since I've promised to not let these exceptionally vile shitheads get away with anything I put my other project on hold and got stuck into this one.

Unfortunately their latest offering is so unbelievably puerile that even a child could point out to Mr. Gallups and his inept cronies exactly why they're more full of shit than his colostomy bag after a night of lagers and a dodgy mutton vindaloo. As a result this video is somewhat less heavy on science and technicalities since all that was needed to debunk this video was a barely cursory knowledge of the methodologies and history of science.

As a result I took the opportunity to pad out the remainder of the video with a super heaping helping of insults and profanity which, while perhaps a little over-the-top, I feel are more than well deserved. Apologies if you don't find this episode as illuminating or educational, but I hope at least that you will find some entertainment within.

In case you don't see anything else from me before the holidays, I'd like to take the opportunity here to thank all my subscribers for your support and kind words over the past year and to wish you all a very merry Winter Solstice and a Happy, pwnage-filled New Year!

Carl and crew's original putrid video can be found here:

Robert Roselli's shit-stain of a webshite can be found here:

Atheist LGBT Facebook Group:

rriverstone1's channel:

Intro by the one-and-only ONESPECIES (check him out too!):

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No. 55 in B flat major, (K 214).


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