Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Opinion-Ville: The motivational question

In which answers my question.
My comment on YouTube: OMDog! Well, that'll teach me for opening my big mouth! Now, all the MRAs of atheism are convinced I'm a stone bitch! Can I sue you for slander or libel? "Demanded?" "Accused?" Who? Me? Blush! Ok, fine. That bit me in the arse, huh? Thanks. Has Bob been eating other puppets? He has fuzz on his top lip and kind of all over the rest of his face. You need a DIRT DEVIL! HA! I think I used to date Bob, but I'm not sure; he wasn't around very much, even when he was. Funny having Bob answer questions!

Oh, PS, may I please mirror this? I'd like to keep a copy for my lawyers. I mean friends.

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New segment with Bob Satan!

Only one segment today! Ariel is in the hospital for a sinus infection




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