Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Egyptian and Tunisian Revolutions in Carl Sagan's "Earth the Pale Blue Dot"

Uploaded by on Feb 17, 2011

Footage of the Tunisian and Egyptian democratic revolutions mixed with timelapses and set to Carl Sagan reading from his book "Earth - The Pale Blue Dot."

Remix by Torrey Meeks


NOTE: I used a lot of different material to make this video, but the cornerstone is the original "Earth - The Pale Blue Dot" time lapse film by Michael Marantz:

Earth - The Pale Blue Dot


Oliver Wilkins
Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb 1 2011 -

Jessica Pinney
Times Square Time Lapse -

Blueglaze LLC
New York City Time Lapse -

Josh Owens
NYC Sunset -

Don Pettit
Time Lapse from Space - Earth 2
Time Lapse from Space - Satellite Launch

Time Lapse Video of Guy Driving Across the Country

[EGYPT] Heroic Egyptian Shows Tiananmen-like Courage, Cairo

1981 primitive Internet report on KRON

Ark Hotel Construction time lapse building 15 storeys in 2 days

Egypt Cairo TODAY 28.01.2011 Revolution Kasr Al Nile bridge

Egypt explodes in celebration as Mubarak stepping down

Egyptian protests enter fifth day

Exclusive NASA HD Footage - When We Left Earth

First Space Walk

Fresh video of night unrest, tanks looters in riot-tor

HD Earth Views from Space Station NASA ISS

In Egypt, Protests Continue Despite Blocked Access to Communication

India Bus Full with People on Top Between Agra and Delhi Jun

India Driving

Man Shot In Tunis Riots, At Least 23 Others Killed

More video of Tahrir Square chaos as stones fly

Egypt Cairo Heavy clashes, sec forces retreating

MUST SEE Egypt Cairo 28.01.2011 Heavy clashes in Cairo Skyne

Protest in Egypt - Jan 25, 2011

Raw Video Man Shot in Egypt Protest

Tahrir Sq reacts to resignation

Video of fierce Egypt clashes as pro-govt crowds attack anti-Mubarak protesters - (I'm sorry, but I haven't been able to locate where I got this source video after extensive searching. Somewhere on YouTube, that much I know. is the only file name in my project file. This file is the NYC Time Square rooftop/window time lapse. If this is your material, please let me know and I will link and credit you!)

NOTE: If you are the original camera man or shooter who got any of this footage in Egypt or Tunisia and you would like your name attached to it, please just get in touch with me and I will add your name above your video! The original shooters of the raw YouTube videos are extremely hard to track down, as they have been uploaded, mirrored, and copied by so many different people. Thank you to everyone whose footage I used in the making of this video. It wouldn't be possible without you.


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