Thursday, November 17, 2011

Death of YouTube Atheism?

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Yes, this is rather long, so pour yourself a beverage, put your feet up and relax.
Video response to
The Atheist Community is Dead
Uploaded by LatumWay on Nov 15, 2011

Response from Potholer54 and Amenakin

Amenakin, Censorin' For Islam
Uploaded by Thunderf00t on Oct 1, 2011

Note: by "You" in this video, I am speaking to atheists as a generality. Please don't take it personally, LatumWay!


For the jerk who actually believes I was comparing being Muslim with having Downs syndrome:
 This is so silly. I'm a non-neurotypical. My point is about stereotyping and dismissal, which is what you're doing right now. Physical differences of debate opponents do not contribute to arguments re: evolution & cosmology. Do you know any ppl w/Downs syndrome? Do you know their capacities? That's the point: assumptions get us nowhere and just stigmatize people.

Don't put words in my mouth; I can speak for myself. I don't decry TF for having no respect for her religion; I criticize him for using her physical appearance as an argument against her position on evolution, which is irrational, sexist and anti-Semitic.

Now, you have done EXACTLY what is keeping the so-called "atheist community" from not stagnating: you refused to listen to my whole statement, came to some pretty reactionary "conclusions" about my position without hearing me out, and chose to condemn me in ignorance. Is this because TF is a sacred cow of yours and you take personally my criticism of his debate tactics? I'm asking, not assuming.

I am a person with disabilities; I see how atheists on youtube liberally spread slurs about people like me: "brain dead, retarded, stupid, crazy, idiot......" keeping us in closets, chains, silence, shame, fear . . .

Your assumptions about me are the only hypocrisy I see here. And neither you, nor TF, knows why Amenakin wears a hijab, because neither of you ASKED her.

YOU WANTED TO DISMISS ME because I was making you uncomfortable; that's what I think. I think you were just looking for an excuse to silence another, uppity woman who dares question the wisdom of a "superstar" of atheist YouTube. I never stood a chance with you. It's your loss.

Ask TheLivingDinosaur, Goxster, Ms.Knight5, TheMudbrooker and others who've commented supportively on this video how hypocritical I am.

The part of the video you refused to see is about my personal journey of deconversion, coming out and finding a way to speak my truth for the first time in my life as a woman with disabilities, who is Queer. You also missed how I believe the atheist YouTube community can remain vibrant and proactive in the world, and model alternatives to people who've never been exposed to the world outside superstition. As I said, it's your loss. I expected narrow-minded people like you. I'm neither surprised nor taken aback by this nit picking.

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