Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cheap Eats: Blackberry Loaf

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ALWAYS question authority and NEVER follow directions as written! Life is too short to be mediocre and poisoned by crappy food!

Found some packages of lemon, poppy seed, muffin mix and thought I'd invent a legitimate dessert from them. As usual, when something's that cheap, I bought all they had. Wouldn't buy it at regular price. A hell of a lot cheaper than buying the actual muffins, which cost about a dollar each. And, the way I baked it, it's an actual, nutritious meal!

Didn't have any milk, like the recipe called for, so I substituted frozen blackberries and Greek style yogurt.

Muffin mix: $0.50
Blackberries: $1.00
Cheese: $1.00
Fat Free, Greek style, unflavored yogurt: $0.25

Makes six servings, less than $0.50/per

Oh, the horror!




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